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Sep 29, 2011 9:00pm CDT
road for truck traffic. top story around the country. high wind chicago area at tom skilling >> we said goodbye to a storm that has hung around for seven days and hello to anyone producing wind tonight and the plunge of early season cool air current wind gusts across the midwest. incredibly high as we will show you in a moment. sustained wind chicago area 20- 25 mi. per hour. the wind gust instantaneous surges of went upwards of 44 m.p.h. woodstock and the rockford higher than that during the course of the evening in the wind advisory in the yellow area. storm advisories' across the lake lakeshore flood warnings. look at some of the peak winter gusts. mongrel wisconsin a 65 mi. per hour when the dust. it is a windy and it will stay that way 40 mi. per hour gusts. chicago area. what the wind will be doing overnight gusty up to 50 m.p.h. across the lake. big storm purple areas with over 40 mi. per hour wind gusts continuing in the morning by no means will be weighed begun building two-story waves across the lake rushing into parts of michigan and indiana. lake affect rainfall befor
Sep 9, 2011 9:00pm CDT
union president what mayor rahm emmanuel did to her during a debate. chicago firefighters are remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks. wgn news neighbors shocked by the death of a 14 year-old boy berwin and boy home packed with animals some 200 pabst mostly birds rabbits and cats now removed from that house spurte. top story wgn news berwin sad story that unfolded at a later today. >> the more we start to hear about the story of the worse it gets. dragging the boy's body outside to hide what was inside the house. emergency crews were first called to the home in berwin late thursday afternoon 14 year old found unresponsive. later died of pneumonia. prompted eight shocking investigation at the home. monkees records squirrels multiples of cats and dogs birds ton of birds hundreds of animals living at the home. 196 take into a south suburban shelter today. horrible condition. investigators have to be in has mapped uniforms. every animal had to be bakedhazmat uniforms necessary for the workers. leukemia. birds that there's have been plucked from being overcrowded. every
Sep 5, 2011 11:45am EDT
green of the university of chicago, your book, selling the race, culture, community and black chicago, why 1940 to 1955 only? >> well, one of the things that people have really begun to do in terms of thinking, not only about african-american history but african-american history and its, its establishment of a sense of change in relation to the situation, the circumstances of black folk. many people have really tried to move the way that we think about the history back from the classic years so-called of the civil rights era, to think about change, challenge, different senses of community, different senses of the potential of people, going back in many cases decades, sometimes to the '30s, the '20s. for example, some years before i did my work studies on the harlem renaissance were really trying to imagine the ways in which cultural initiative and cultural genius was something that had really changed the fortunes of black people in new york and beyond. i felt that 1940 was interesting to look at. one, of course, because of the ways in which the federal government, the state is beginni
Sep 7, 2011 9:00pm CDT
chicagos about to be transformed into a new metropolises new superman movie about to start filming. wgn news @ 9 all of us committed whether the nominee all for defeating barack obama >> they differ on many issues all a great current president does not deserve another four years in the white house. >> top story of around the country. republican candidates for president debate ronald reagan national library in california the main issue jobs. gov. rick perry mitt romney two leading candidates appointed to records in office for creating jobs putting people to work >> 95 percent of jobs created above a minimum-wage proud of what we have done in the state of texas at assize creation of jobs in america hypocritical at at the end of four years unemployment rate down to 4.7% and record i think the president would like to see more jobs in massachusetts that this president entire country. >> hear about to break it down for political analyst rick pearson. your assessment >> this was all about gov. rick perry literally days into the race early front runner among republi
Sep 9, 2011 9:30pm CDT
tuned for ground zero: chicago remembers. good night. at the guys at that were leaving and we were going in and give us an image of a bite of the living dead where they are walking away with a blank stare probably scared me more than anything. >> his first night was one of the hardest. >> we got a call right away telling us we were going to hear that you could see there had been a fire all of the fire get crowded all around. >> that would spot firefighters by the coats the reflective stripes and the fabric that did not bird each time fox turned to his old father and sister chicago fire fighters back home. >> working at the medical examiner's office and they brought in a firefighter. when you see a fire butman, you do not forget that. >> journals from york from world trade center >> i both the barricade and stepped into a new york hell one says you are a hero something i never wanted to be. >> nolan says at first very strict about cameras. >> have not seen this in nine years have not open to any of this stuff skirted >> as we extract not started to shoot videos and photographs to
Aug 31, 2011 9:00pm CDT
in the chicago police department. crime and police in general seeing attention so did schools and traffic aides recently laid off the year gets for public employees helping to fuel attention in those areas tonight. the parents have the choice not booing. why did you lay off the full time traffic aides that helped the city? >> as i said the other night i want this not going to shy away from what i did in fact back down all of that so what we do not honest with each other on comfortable and i believe in honesty. >> for the last month mayor emmanuel soliciting questions and ideas to a website called chicago 7500 posts made on the bedside also by the way the questions and answers from tonight's meeting at monday's meeting posted on the website by the end of the entirety then presented final budget mayor rahm emmanuel, october 15th. >> organized labor standing up for chicagos teachers and their fight against contract changes even getting support from the north. >> union workers from wisconsin turned out to support members of chicago teachers union as they continue to stand up against
Sep 10, 2011 9:00pm CDT
and everywhere in between including hundreds from chicago, a sea of bikes still the new jersey parking lot destination ground zero. it was an emotional subject considering many of them helped after the september 11th attacks 10 years ago. >> the memories come back without a doubt the smell of the burning metal the guys i work with, i can see their faces, it is a journey back. >> your hearts open up. so they drove elbow to elbow east on i 80 peppered along the route flags and lots of them and fellow firefighters saluting with pride as we entered manhattan rain began to fall but locals and even marines didn't care. they cheered on the thousands of bikers as they made their pilgrimage to lower manhattan. and when the road crew arrived the chicagoans had been waiting for a peek at the memorial to be dedicated on the 10th anniversary of 911. even this tough looking group and their leather in tattoos get emotional when they think of the loss of life that day this place a reminder to them of the brothers and the new york fire department who perished, coming back they say is part of the healing
Sep 6, 2011 12:00pm CDT
of these agencies may run out of money and may need to shut down by this spring ... >>the fight between the chicago teachers union and mayor emanuel over the extension of the school day intensifies as students had back to class today wgn's julian crews has more from one school that broke from the union and approve longer days >>3 chicago schools broke ranks with the teachers' union going for a longer day ... here in university village parents and teachers celebrated together ... >>judging by the cheers and the opinion of those that attend stem magnet academy the longer school day is a no-brainer and parents and teachers are all for its >>the fact that they are putting the extra 90 minutes toward math and literacy is a perfect idea ... >>every minute counts absolutely we are hungry for it. >>stem magnet is one of those schools where an extra 90 minutes were approved in exchange for teacher incentives ... the school board has yet to approve such a plan which they believe has not been well thought out >>the mayor says that chicago students now spend less time in classrooms than other students and
Sep 7, 2011 12:00pm CDT
surviving 911. in new york city firefighter comes to chicago to tell his remarkable story and talk with students about lessons learned from the terror attacks. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>wgn's robert jordan is live at stagg hs in palos hills where students heard his inspiring words >>the students here decided to invite one of the real heroes of the new york city fire department to tell them what it was like on that day >>there were unprepared for what he had to say about those events when he was actually inside one of those towers as a first responder was a chilling retelling of that day's events >>he also spoke about how this should never happen again and one of the best days to prevent this he believes was to emphasize the importance of diversity. >>of those three dozen people who died there were 80 different countries represented different colors different races different religions different ethnicities >>the children at this high school were too you
Sep 2, 2011 9:00pm CDT
the highway. chicago man on a mission to help children. wgn news @ 9 deadly crash on the highway just before the holiday weekend bringing traffic to a stop on 394, south suburban lynwood. top story or around the country crash. speaking with officers handling the investigation what happened. >> 394 shut down for about three and a half hours. a very busy travel weekend. told by police opening 394 within the last hour the next hour. investigators reconstructed the accident. a semi truck going north on the 394 beard off the road crossed the center median slammed into an s u v head on burst into flames. what caused the driver of the road a big question not clear the driver did not survive the accident waiting to get an identification on exactly where the person is who the person says the condition is not known tonight. immediately shut down 394 back up traffic. 294 was backed up on 80 actually, pretty backed up. the 8394 merged that is where i was with traffic started to back up and i could see the smoke i knew there was an accident occurred it as i was going traffic completely shut
Sep 11, 2011 9:00pm CDT
has been diminished. >> among those paying tribute to 911 first responders members of the chicago fire department took a four day trip from chicago to pennsylvania to manhattan, today connecting with their brothers from new york's fire department. live from new york city with the story. >> among men is simple gesture can often say all lot and on a day like today when words do not seem to be allowed enough our firefighters traveled from firehouse to firehouse to stations just like this one doing one thing offering to shake their brother's hands. engines seven in tribeca was our chicago fire fighters first stop. the brett teachers in chicago, a proud exchange on a day when york including its firefighters could use some consoling. this lieutenant says each year the deep wounds rise to the surface on the anniversary of the attacks, this visit from chicago was a welcome one. >> it is appreciated, people driving all the way from chicago to pay their respects to see the memorial and commemorate the 10th anniversary means a lot. >> it was in june 24th letter 5 in greenwich village. th
Sep 30, 2011 12:00pm CDT
was canceled earlier this morning. wind gusts reached up to 60 m.p.h. in the chicago area. and gusts of up to 35 mi. per hour still possible this afternoon. one jogger said he had a close call ... >>and jogging along the path just between coke and north and a wave came crashing of and came onto the path and i had to jump on the fence to avoid getting wet and i was worried about getting carried into the water by a wave. >>high winds are to blame for bricks from a two-story home falling onto the sidewalk and a car was smashed on the west side at 23rd and south california nobody got injured >>and a power line came down sparking a fire happened in the backyard of a home located in the 2300 block the wind knocked over construction equipment in the area ... when co-med reports a total of 21,000 homes and businesses had lost power. backyard north avenue beach, walker's cyclists and joggers are out the police are stopping some people at various junctures between opec and fullerton because of the conditions at no. avenue beach i'm judy wang >>a man was killed early this morning after crashing
Sep 6, 2011 9:00pm CDT
. >> al's its chicago kids heading back-to-school today. joining us now live newsroom >> typical first day for chicago public schools public debate raged on about water school day. longer day needs to happen agreement path quite contentious. the brink of a bell and a balloon launched the step towards a logger logger chicago school day began at stem magnet academy. mayor rahm emmanuel weighed in. last week teachers and stem magnet and skinner and melody teachers separated from the union had agreed to schedule longer school days. we feel the kids need in order school day. equivalent to 2 percent pay raise schools up to $150,000 each transition funds. cps ceo jean claude brizard gave the order to find $15 million in the budget to pave the way for more schools follow before the end of the year. reverend jesse jackson and teachers union president karen lewis both for logger day. some skepticism. lager school day, and we want to make sure use this year to plan for a better school day so that we have quality in addition to quantity. lager school day means the chance for better education i t
Sep 8, 2011 9:00pm CDT
's speech chicago tribune political reporter rick pearce said fire in his belly tonight this was really the big campaign speech opening up the beat of action for 2012 have not heard this kind of passionate sense a candidate for office is this bill as big as medicare bill the plant more a matter of how pivotal the says when talking about the expectations for a big job speech job on the line when you look at the job approval rating now down to 41% karbers @ 13% still this is a matter of ham taking off not all the understanding and rationed out that americans care about jobs but also the political future. details or lack there of some may say said it pulled the fully paid for will that be fully paid for? >> i of the beholder shifting another half a trillion dollars super committee meeting in washington and do what is supposed to come up with 1.5 trillion dollars of deficit reduction so we need to really wait and see what the plan is as he already indicated a number of thinks paid for these matter of things like closing corporate loopholes and dig the bush tax cuts house speaker house maj
Sep 1, 2011 9:00pm CDT
but on their new you did management salaries. chicago civic federation says a little know kirk for these you did baucis something of their own members cannot understand or debt. loopholes that basically cost the government and the pension fund and those workers ability into their pension fund drawing money that should be going to pay for their economic security in the future. starting with how tom villanova abuse did when he should not have. street and sanitation for 12 years until deciding to go back to school diligently filed a leap of absence from the city every quarter. this is where tom villanova first trip up. while taking school took a job with the college never go back to work for the city leave and leave of absence exploration should have ended his career with chicago disqualified him from multibillion-dollar pension but tom villanova had some poll. letters be found show deep losses covered for him never worked another date for the they credited him with a whopping 31 years of service and to the pension board which oversees ok'd $108,000 a year pension plan the rest of his life. i would
Sep 24, 2011 9:00pm CDT
a strange kidnapping case on chicago's northwest side, police say the man held in ex- girlfriend against her will a, abusing or even forcing her to herself. >> maggie carlo is live on the northwest side with tonight's top story. >> behind me is the apartment that police say he helped a 20 year-old woman since mid july until she escapes last night, he is charged with attempted murder kidnapping and domestic aggravated battery. tonight 22 year-old family and is behind bars he held a 20 year-old woman he had previously had a relationship with against her will apply in the neighborhood were shocked by the allegations. >> it is very troubling and makes you wonder, the woman was able to escape friday and get help hospital, they say she had a number of bruises fractured bones in suffered possible hearing loss, they say he also allegedly forced her to caught herself. >> i saw him come from the back of the parking lot. >> and never saw him a short time before he was arrested and appeared to be hiding out and acting suspicious. >> it's kind of ironic that you never know who was around
Sep 14, 2011 12:00pm CDT
underwent brain surgery overnight and he is undergoing life-support his condition as grave >>chicago police are also looking for a suspect and a motive in the beating death of a man and his northwest side home julian crews has the story from the jefferson park neighborhood >>chicago police said that the victim suffered massive blood force trauma to the had the victim of a vicious beating the motive for the attack is not yet clear michael justo was found in the basement he was 56 years old elected 5331 north northwest highway his family found him in the basement beat and to death ... police investigators are tight-lipped at this point about the investigation we don't know the motive in the meantime those who knew the victim said there were sad to hear the news >>he was a great guy to or three times a day you'd see him walking his dogs around the neighborhood he would stop by and chat. >>it's hard to believe >>there's a big number of police resources at the crime scene we saw paintings and other objects being removed from the home forensics is going to incredible lengths to uncover anythi
Sep 25, 2011 9:00pm CDT
actual headlines concerning j quarterback's performance in fact they were not chicago bears organization and everyone involved. those fake headlines included cutler and he is now leader, there were no headlines in any newspaper in the united states in the other news chicago are looking for the driver who seriously injured a woman and ease garfield park neighborhood that happened at around 6 this morning near madison street in sacramento avenue, a man driving a brown or tan pontiac was pulling out of a parking spot when that ford mustang heading east on madison the driver of the mustang stopped but the man driving a pontiac kept going and the fifth year-old woman was hit punch was crushing cross industry, sherman's hospitalized night. her memory is marked by family and police officers who vow to make sure that her death is not in vain. sean lewis has more. >> to steps away from the intersection where ford year-old miner hirsch took her last that, the fifth annual walk in her memory is under way. but it is kind of hard when you see a small child. >> when the coffers came out it just cam
Sep 16, 2011 9:00pm CDT
coming down golf course after derrin plane was registered in chicago. crash still under investigation >> dramatic video fire at lincoln park this afternoon near the 150 firefighters working on the fire west our vantage thick black smoke poured out of the three story residential building before it collapsed spurted renovation work was being done firefighters under control under one hour flames spreading a brick building. >> and exposure in the building next door one of our biggest concerns the collapse probability the main building to collapse we kept the fire out of the explosion building >> cause of the fire still under investigation. hugs and tears greet local heroes returning from the middle east could it welcome for the national guard troops north riverside today. >> heroes welcome a deserving of soldier of staff sgt 1234 transportation country we've night with his wife and 11 year old daughter new sot >> feels so real that to actually touch them not just on the telephone >> so proud of him. we just know that he gives 110 percent for his country. 100 chicago led families ret
Sep 28, 2011 9:00pm CDT
as a drive-by shooting. high profile case not only because involving the murder of how the decorative chicago police officer but also because state attorney anita alvarez trying case herself. played a 20 minute statement taped recording that he made at mcginn firing shots that night still the defense argued gaston responsible for officer valdez murder members of family wept in court company by dozens of police officers showed up to support the family. police superintendent garry mccarthy and several of his top lieutenants among the officers in court today. expecting a verdict to come down any amended as soon as that comes down burning you that information. >> former east aurora high school teacher busted yesterday it inappropriate pictures upper salt sent to a 50 year old boy former student sexual exploitation of a child 15 year- old boy received text messages former student only 15 years old kelly miller released yesterday $1,000 bail. anybody are arrested or charged with a crime in aurora now have to pay $50 processing fee police say cost more than $60 to book each suspect the plan to mak
Sep 16, 2011 12:00pm CDT
to avoid an accident patrick mizwicki was the youngest of eight children ... chicago police officer shot and killed a man who may have been involved in a separate homicide. the first killing was less than a north troy in and sleep where a man was tried and a gang- related shooting officers who heard the gunshots try to pull over and s u v a few blocks away police said that's when someone jumped out of the passenger side fired a police and ran police fired back killing that man a semi-automatic pistol was recovered at the scene and the driver of that s u b was arrested the police officers were injured >>charges have been filled it filed in the beating death of a chicago man found dead in a basement is last on park home. 34 year-old daniel tyler is accused of killing his neighbor 56 year-old michael justo who was found unconscious in his basement tuesday night tyler has been charged with first-degree murder and several battery charges he was taken to the hospital after the attack with self-inflicted wounds he allegedly had a medical staff member and try to disarm a police officer while r
Sep 23, 2011 12:00pm CDT
the latest from chicago fire department headquarters ... >>is the report states what went wrong and makes several recommendations ... the department received the report in july and eveready made some changes ... cash poor communications and not just between firefighters at the scene tom ryan as president of the firefighters' union >>i'm not gonna second-guess any of my brothers and sisters who were on the scene of that fire ... there were reports of people in that building said their first and foremost job was to save lives ... >>2 firefighters were killed in the fire last december they were among the firemen went to the abandoned building on the 1700 block of east 75th street to hunt for squatters ... after the rip-off fire was reported under control the 80 year-old structures truss roof collapsed trapping the two men ... the report says that an insufficient number of radios was a big problem ... and to those who did their radios none of them communicated from the inside what they were seeing to the supervisors outside ... there's lots of things that have gone wrong with the radios it
Sep 26, 2011 12:00pm CDT
a drive-by shooting on chicago's west side have slept a teenage boy in critical condition. the boy's mother was also wounded in that attack. good afternoon i am robert jordan in for steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian crews has the latest from mount sinai hospital on the victims and the investigation ... the cook county medical examiner reports that the 15 year-old victim is not expected to survive after taking a bullet to his head yesterday afternoon on a west side of chicago authorities report he is on life support here at mount sinai hospital for police said the gunman and a car and fire on a crowded sidewalk on the 700 block of north springfield avenue and east garfield park neighborhood ... there's only a vague description on the car it's described as an older model cream colored vehicle police do not know who the intended target was there were a number of people standing nearby and there are bullet holes sprayed across the front of the family home with witnesses say that
Sep 27, 2011 9:00pm CDT
fashion forward young chicago woman struck and talent on the cover of a popular magazine she plans the next steps and her design career. wgn news @ 9 gunfire in a car crashing into a west suburban home and now a family mourning the loss of a 13 year old girl. top story around the country live at loyola medical center in maywood >> shots fired car careened out of control a teenage girl is dead killed in her own home. friends teachers and family all agreed 14 year-old dominique thomas incredible growth a girl with a bright future ahead. >> teddy bears balloons stark reminder of a tragedy with a deadly ending. hours earlier 14 year-old dominique thomas began her family's couch vehicle crashed into the home around midnight. teenager and 12 year old brother on the other side of the wall the boy survived and the dominique did not. >> headlights in the living room. my little brother and sister down their sleeping. >> friends and family struggle with the loss the outgoing girl considered a friend to all loved to dance loved to cook and building a bright future freshman at high-school
Sep 5, 2011 9:00pm CDT
chicago public school students heading back to class tomorrow morning year with animosity and uncertainty teachers and administrators blogger school day and frozen pay raises good evening. top story of around the country tonight. classis start tomorrow for chicago public schools. live at bronzeville cta stop one of the extra perks for those heading it >> yes there are 400,000 students and the majority of them back to class tomorrow and they are getting an extra incentive from cta. excited about kindergarten, ready for his first day at elementary school out with his parents on monday evening stocking up on school supplies. students and parents and accompanying that to and from school can ride for free tomorrow on the cta trains and buses from 5:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. in an effort to get kids on class and parents involved. looking good and ready to learn a group of students heading back to school with a fresh pair cut thanks to cains barber college in washington park. leading up to beat new year focus on extending the school day. approval extra 90 minutes of class time a few schools breaking
Sep 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in the american economy. >> slip this on. >> reporter: chicago custom clothier jeff landis says the economic uncertainty is cutting into his business. >> i had a doctor this morning come in and he said to me, "boy, i'd love to buy a new suit but in this kind of atmosphere with this kind of uncertainty, i'm not going to do it." >> reporter: bleak headlines about the economy prompted 40% of americans to cut back on their spending over the past 60 days. are we at risk of talking ourselves into another recession? >> i think we're at risk of worse than that... >> reporter: yale economist robert shiller. >> ...right now, we've been in a bad unemployment equilibrium for going on four years. and it could go on for another four years. that's worse than a recession. >> reporter: shiller, coauthor of the influential book "animal spirits," says a collapse in confidence can bring the economy to its knees. psychology is its own economic force. >> absolutely. variations in psychology are the most important driver of fluctuations in the economy. >> reporter: the toxic debate in washington this summer, shill
Sep 17, 2011 9:00pm CDT
by chicago police, it shows fatal hit-and-run crash here's a description, it is a black or dark blue ford f 150 four-door pickup truck. there was a ladder in the back into the right rear tire is a spare. >> there's no respect for anybody anymore. it was just before noon today to elderly women trying to cross the street near major in jefferson park, witnesses say that two were heading to a beauty salon when they were hit by pickup truck. >> across the street i saw another body in she was not moving anything. >> one of the women died from her injuries and today was her 82nd birthday. the second woman in her late '70s is in critical condition at lutheran general hospital in park ridge. gina brought the suit cora was sitting at the kitchen table when she heard the crash rushed to her balcony and dialed 911 with a description of the vehicle. tonight police investigators near businesses canvas trying to piece together surveillance images and clues. as the investigation continues those who live near the scene are pleading for the driver to come forward. it is wrong to just to someone and leave.
Sep 22, 2011 9:00pm CDT
teenagers one of chicago successful charter school programs are running into trouble outside of the classroom. top story all around the country what is happening at the new urban prep? >> most recent incident happened on tuesday football players from the school were dropped by thugs after practice tonight the school held a meeting with parents to try to figure out what to do to solve the problem. >> urban prep schools the only all boys public schools in the state new location opened a few weeks ago with the students and parents excited about the excellent reputation >> mother ship a lot of pride that goes on here and the teachers are all some >> groups of young men began harassing fighting and you then robbing students at gunpoint that walk to and from school. parents say something happens every day it >> gang bangers are around here chasing them children have been chased by neighborhood adults not even kids they are adults on their way to the bus stop in a couple of kids were robbed tuesday night and day attacked a group of boys leaving football practice >> parents beli
Sep 13, 2011 9:00pm CDT
head of chicago teachers union and chicago public schools taking the debate public. top story. tension chicago public schools. sean lewis >> good evening 90 minute discussion at the u i c forum between karen lewis and john claude brizard a very long road ahead to fix chicago public schools. in front of an audience of more than 700 including many educators. title match ctu president karen lewis and cps ceo jean claude brizard. facing off on their different views of chicago public education >> we do agree much better school day for children >> focus on positive making things better >> much of the discussion was positive both agreed that parents need to be more involved >> some schools becoming everything to some children >> we have children who have fathers and mothers in jail. >> through the agreement won big divide a teacher involvement over the current battle how to implement an blogger school day teachers at seven chicago public schools have now voted to extend the school day by 90 minutes promise of extra pay for them against the unions wishes. >> interesting how this has be
Sep 22, 2011 12:00pm CDT
is in serious financial crisis ... >>mayor rahm emanuel named a new ceo to run the chicago housing authority charles woodyard recently was in charge of the charlotte housing authority in north carolina he was chosen after a national search the c h a has been criticized for its plan to replace high-rises with mixed income housing while incorporating work requirements to help break a culture of poverty the former chief lewis jordan stepped down in june amid questions about his use of a city credit card. the university of chicago medical center is receiving a $42 million gift to help improve doctor/patient communications ... randi belisomo has a live report >>$42 million gift has been granted in hopes of enhancing the doctor patient relationships ... carolyn bucksbaum was here with her husband they are shopping center developers who have provided this gift ... they say that an arrogant position is a physician was once a deterrent to care they received years ago and they were determined to change the educational system for medical students ... research and new approaches to approving this rela
Sep 8, 2011 12:00pm CDT
the congressmen are just too busy so this is a body where they can be heard. >> and other chicago public school is extending its class time by 90 minutes. 18 of the school's 22 teachers voted in favor. schools willing to change their schedule this month will receive $150,000 and teachers will receive a bonus of $1,300 schools changing the schedule in january will receive $800. >> a art teacher at a suburban middle school is facing child pornography charges and accused of looking at child porn websites on the computer in his classroom joshua rich is a teacher at miguel juarez middle school.. >> people are told to evacuate after the remnants of tropical e brings floods at the age of 86 he has just written his first book coming the remnants of tropical storm we are bringing downpours to the united states east coast for-6 in. of rain are expected to fall. roads from maryland to new england are closed rescue workers and helicopters in new york are on alert in case of a flash flood. >> a dc-10 tanker will be available tomorrow for the wild fires in texas. the largest fire is located in bastrop it has
Sep 3, 2011 11:00pm EDT
of "the chicago tribune" and editor-in-chief of "the los angeles times" takes an inside look at the acquisition of the times company by the tribune company and the leader acquisition of the tribune company by the investor sam zell. this is about one hour and ten minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> it is my great pleasure to introduce these wonderful gentleman, james o'shea and james warren. [inaudible] what i'm more excited about tonight is [inaudible] something you may not know about him is james o'shea is a master electrician [inaudible] we have a lot of work that needs to be done around here. [laughter] [inaudible] obviously you all know james warren. [inaudible] he writes a column for the news which appears twice a week in "the new york times" and also on the web site. james warren is a fixture in journalism, you are all aware of that and he is known all over the country and all over the world for his frequent appearances on shows like cnn to the he was the washington bureau chief of "the chicago tribune." he writes for everyone including the atlantic monthly and the hu
Sep 14, 2011 9:00pm CDT
him. >> nobody can chicago police reviewing the surveillance tape used hoping to see something at last check no arrest has been made. >> and then also found beaten to death inside his home on chicago's northwest side police trying to hunt down the killer. 56 year old michael justo found unconscious in his basement last night hit in the head. michael justo reported burglar's asian of his home early on monday neighbors quiet tight-knit clad stunned park neighborhood are bewildered. >> a great guy to-three times a day you could see him walking around the neighborhood with his dog would stop by to pet him. >> first homicide in gladstone park neighborhood since 2008. attorney office recommending a former governor rod blagojevich spend a long time behind bars for corruption conviction. up to the judge. joining us at prosecutors' request >> asking 30 years-like defense on the other hand opposite end of the spectrum asking for probation. approaching sentencing weeks before the convicted former governor learns his fate. attorney sheldon sorosky calls the suggestion 30 years-life "
Sep 19, 2011 12:00pm CDT
illinois tax. >>chicago police say that a man was critically injured on in a hit and run accident on the south side. investigators said that the man was crossing the street use of the sixth and racine this morning when he was hit by a car. the driver did not stop. the victim was taken to christ hospital in oak lawn. police said that the car involved in the accident was black but now the description was given >>chicago police are still looking for the driver of a pickup truck that is struck to elderly women killing one of the women on her birthday. >>there were crossing the street on the 5700 block of west lawrence saturday when there were hit. 82 year-old margaret heffernan died of her injuries. the second victim is not been identified but she is still in hospital. police have surveillance video of the pickup truck they say at the women is a black or dark blue ford f 150 gray bottom panels pickup truck it also had a ladder in the bed of the truck and a spare tire on the rear axle >>chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy is exploring the idea of closing some police distri
Sep 19, 2011 9:00pm CDT
hazards of medicare leave the sorbonne wet chicagos very own wgn news @ 9 batt but we are happy just this becoming >> grieving friends find solace in news charges have been filed in the murder of 19 year old amanda bach. good evening top story trying to clolo t tthth case >> autopsy today revealed amanda bach killed instantly from a single gunshot wound to the neck. ex-boyfriend now formally charged with one count of murder. >> truly sad nobody deserves that trying to keep everyone in our prayers >> small memorial by the site where amanda bach body was discovered saturday union township in be at 300 yds from the home of 18 year-old dustin mckeown former boyfriend now charged with her murder. went to wheeler high school father worked for the crown point police department. >> i went to school with dusted since seventh grade and that is just something we would never have expected. very painful >> amanda bach shot in the neck and coroners as clear she was murdered. >> no way the injuries could have occurred on her body the way that they did anything besides a homicide >> 19
Sep 21, 2011 9:00pm CDT
fighting to cut the deal. for nearly a decade dennis gannon the voice of chicago's working men and women. like for jobs higher wages and better benefits. paid off at least for dennis gannon when most other city workers retire and there will average about $29,000 a year. dennis gannon he will pocket more than $158,000 this year. roughly $5 million over the expected life span. quite a tale like any good story starts on a long ago in a city far away. political changing of the guard in springfield governor thompson on his way out his last day in office signed a bill that would make dennis gannon and a few others union leaders future millionaires. one of those of backroom deals that causes an extraordinary memory loss know what we asked remembered. five senators and five presented tips and names like senate pres. john cullerton all 1 * senate president in that room a few golden words appear to be built said a union leader city pension would be based on much higher union management salary not on their lower city worker salary. perfect time at all eight died like dennis gannon who started out a
Sep 13, 2011 12:00pm CDT
break we're making a tasty paella and giving a tour of chicago spills just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. i'm beejal patel with today's business headlines ... markets are and a holding pattern until we get more news on the european debt crisis ... stocks are up at this hour however money managers say they don't know what's going to happen next in europe ...
Sep 15, 2011 9:00pm CDT
turnout big for a meeting crime escalating concern about violence growing wanting to know what chicago police will do to help good evening top story around the country call for help shooting put a 13 year-old in the hospital speaking with the boy's family live is it true that there was a shooting in nearby? about two hours ago residents parked at this meeting to talk about the 17 year-old shot now we have worked 7000 block of clark are around six blocks from where i am standing details to tell you about now cannot get into too much detail but there is police activity in rogers park 16 year old shot. ironically tonight's meeting of the main topic of conversation was about a 13 to roll shot earlier this week this morning we admitted to the hospital suffering from complications shot in the chest tonight family friends and neighbors pack 8 beating and rogers park to talk about what happened monday night on pratt and ashland. the amount of support from the community >> 13 year-old hit by a bullet intended for someone else his mother by her son's bedside asked others to come on their behalf
Sep 27, 2011 12:00pm CDT
and autopsy is scheduled today. >>the man in charge of weeding out waste and inefficiency in chicago city government does come up with some ideas to cut the city's massive budget caps thatdeficit ... frank, and it takes a look at some of those controversial proposals >>at 1 percent city income tax could bring an quite a lot of money >>as well as a 1 percent commuter tax on suburbanites working in the city ... and a $5 toll on lake shore drive paid the going in both directions is another idea ... and the cuts include reducing managers and supervisors and city governments and making of city employees working a 40 hour week semele worked 35 hours now ... >>the city could also save $165 million by privatizing certain waste collection ... it's a lot to think about four mayor emanuel as he gets ready to present his city budget he previously said that he is against taxing city residents ... but something have to give ... >>ozzie guillen is no longer the manager of the chicago white sox ... he stepped down yesterday with two games left in the season he and the team decided to go their separa
Sep 26, 2011 5:30pm PDT
chicago public media, we have a profile of the city's new mayor, rahm emanuel. >> brown: with political editor david chalian, we update the showdown over disaster relief spending, and the prospects of a government shutdown. >> warner: judy woodruff talks to the authors of a new book that explores how a new generation is shaping america. >> they are also highly pragmatic. they work with one another to solve their own problems as a group but also the problems and concerns of society and the nation. >> brown: and from wgbh-boston, special correspondent jared bowen reports on a new interpretation of a great american opera, george gershwin's "porgy and bess." >> now again there's controversy, this time over changing a classic, for adding dialogue and altering themes to enhance the story. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> oil companies have changed my country. >> oil companies can make a difference. >> we have the chance to build the economy. >> create jobs, keep people healthy and improve schools. >> ...and our commu
Sep 27, 2011 4:30am EDT
. still spinning over chicago, southwestern great lakes dealing with some heavier showers. on and off. right now we're not dealing with much am the way of thunderstorm activity although we could see a few getting going through this area. southern arkansas, northern louisiana and back in through portions of mississippi. some have the potential of producing hail. pacific northwest dealing also with showers there. there's that spin of low pressure. i want to show the water vapor imagery because you see quite a bit of moisture in place, across the east coast, the tri-state around new york city we're seeing clear skies. moisture in place, clear skies that will allow sunshine in and there's a front off to the west that all of that -- the trigger. we have the ingredients all together to get showers and thunderstorms going, especially back off to the east today. some associated with the low itself. some along the frontal boundary. cleveland, we're dealing with showers this morning, maybe later this afternoon. temperaturewise ahead of the front, milder side, 71 in new york city. 55 in chicago.
Sep 9, 2011 12:00pm CDT
.. >> we have made great strides on human intelligence to track down terrorist threats. >> chicagos office of emergency management and communications responded to the new terror warning in new york and washington it says while there is no credible threat to the city at this time we remain vigilant and we encourage residents to also remain alert. >> under gray skies at about 100 people came together for the ceremony. they are here to remember fallen heroes and our soldiers on the front line. it eased and that reshaped our lives for many it is hard to believe that the september 11th attacks happened 10 years ago. sailors emergency responders and civilians gathered at this the naval station to morning and see the 3000 lives lost and celebrate the men and women in uniform that ckeep us safe. stories were shared about where people were and what they were doing at the time of the attack. >> he has been credited with saving over 18 lives that day he exited and entered that building three times to help attract people. he ultimately perished after he entered the building one last time before the bu
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